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Go Back February 8, 2017

An updated iPhone App

It’s been just over a year since we released our iPhone App and changed how people notarize documents. Since then, we’ve released new features for Businesses and Developers at a feverish pace. We’ve also been heads down, listening to feedback and looking at analytics to understand how people use Notarize and where they run into roadblocks.

Today, we’re thrilled to release a much improved version of our iPhone App.

For the past year, setting up a Notarize account has been an arduous process. Before you could even view a document (let alone connect with a notary), we required your full name, street address, date of birth, last 4 of your SSN, credit card, pictures of the front and back of your ID, and made you answer five identity challenge questions. The fact that so many people have gotten through that process is a real testament to how badly people want to connect with a notary online.

All of the attributes listed above are legally required to notarize a document online, but they certainly don’t all need to happen at once. And, they certainly aren’t all required until you’ve committed to using the product. So, we’ve reworked our iPhone App to make the entire workflow of creating an account, preparing your documents, connecting with a notary, and notarizing your document much less arduous and much more intuitive. Some highlights include:

  • A simplified process with fewer steps before connecting with a notary
  • Overhauled design with clearer instructions to guide you through the entire process
  • More intuitive document sharing options post notarization
  • More secure document sharing using access codes
  • An improved payment process
  • Better support for US citizens abroad
  • Businesses that initiate transactions on Notarize can now require that signers provide two forms of ID for certain transactions. The App now supports this setting.
  • And of course, lots of bug fixes.

This rework lays the foundation for some exciting new features on the horizon. We hope you enjoy the new Notarize for iOS and welcome your feedback.

– Pat