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Go Back August 25, 2016

Better Scans, Better Notary Meetings

We’re always getting great feedback from our customers and notaries, and we work hard to improve our products continuously. Today I’m happy to share a couple of updates that make Notarize for iPhone more user friendly than ever.

In-App Scanning

Notarize provides several ways for you to upload the documents you need to have notarized. You can import from Dropbox, email, or third-party file manager and scanning apps. But a gripe we’ve heard from a number of you is that when working with a paper document, there are a lot of steps before it’s ready for notarization.

We’ve tackled this challenge head on and are excited to announce our new in-app scanning feature. Just select Scan Document in the import menu, place your document on a flat surface, and follow the onscreen directions for each page you need to scan. Our app automatically finds the edges of your document, crops the background, and straightens and improves the image so it’s crisp, legible, and ready for notarization.

Connection Testing

Another piece of feedback we’ve heard from customers and notaries alike is that video and audio quality during a notary meeting can vary dramatically based on the characteristics of your internet connection. To address this issue, we’ve added a new connection test in our mobile app that evaluates the quality of your internet connection and lets you know if you’re ready to meet with one of our notaries. Maybe not as cool as the scanning upgrade, but useful nonetheless!

Download Notarize for iPhone today to check out these improvements, and let us know if you have any feedback. And if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry — you can also get documents notarized on any webcam-equipped PC, 24×7!