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Go Back August 26, 2016

Introducing Notarize for Teams

When we launched Notarize for Business a few weeks ago, we couldn’t anticipate the response from companies of all kinds. We’re now proud to count over a hundred new customers from a wide variety of industries — tech, construction, finance, solar, advertising, commercial real estate, virtual mail, mineral and oil exploration, food services, legal, and media — to name just a few.

It has been an eye-opening month. In conversations with customers and prospects, we’ve heard how often companies lose customers and deals to the inefficiency of in-person paper notarization — from web-based businesses that lose more than 60% of signups at the notarization step, to competitive land deals falling through because buyers couldn’t get documents notarized quickly enough.

Notarize was built to help companies like these, and today we’re excited to announce Notarize for Teams — a set of powerful new features for companies with multiple employees who need to get documents notarized.

  • Team Management: Account owners can set up employees to create their own notary transactions. The transactions dashboard provides summary reporting and access to details of all transactions created by a team.
  • Templates: Upload your company’s commonly notarized forms and documents, and employees can add them to transactions with a single click. Saves team members time, and ensures you’re all working with the same version.
  • Improved Annotation Tools: We’ve revamped our annotation tools so team members can more easily prepare customers’ documents before sending them. We’ve also added handy “sign here” and “initial here” annotations — think of them as digital versions of tape flags.
  • ACH Payments: For companies that pay for their customers’ notarizations, we’ve added a convenient new way to pay. You can now connect your business bank account, and we’ll deduct your payments in batches.

We’re grateful for your initial response to Notarize for Business, and hope our latest updates help your team and customers work together even more efficiently. And if your team isn’t already using Notarize, sign up for free today.