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Go Back May 8, 2017

John Suh, LegalZoom CEO, joins Notarize Advisory Board

If we asked you to name one brand synonymous with bridging the divide between the legal and digital worlds, we bet you’d name LegalZoom. Since 2001, LegalZoom has changed how consumers and businesses access legal services. They’ve made the market with over 4M customers and have helped countless people access the legal services they need.

What people don’t appreciate is that LegalZoom not only brought the first online legal product to market, but also paved a trail to provide their services legally across the country. It seems obvious today that you can connect with a lawyer online, but some groups contested LegalZoom as they grew. LegalZoom held firm to its mission. In many cases they simply educated people about their validity, in others they secured key regulatory and legislative approvals. As a result, it’s now possible for people to access the affordable and efficient legal services LegalZoom offers online.

John Suh has served as LegalZoom’s CEO since 2007 and has shepherded the company through a tremendous period of growth. He’s one of the key innovators in the industry and has operated across a tremendously complex arena to bring LegalZoom to scale.

We’ve gotten to know John well over the past year. We initially met John as both LegalZoom and Notarize share Polaris Partners as an investor. Since then, we’ve found a kindred spirit in John. He’s one of the few people who can relate to our journey and has been extraordinarily generous with his time.

On Notarize, John says:

We’ve proven at LegalZoom that digital services can dramatically increase access to quality legal services. In similar fashion, Notarize fundamentally improves its industry – enabling greater access, but also greater security and verifiability so notarizations can continue to serve their important role in a digital economy. Also like LegalZoom, Notarize will change industries. While some may be resistant, Notarize represents a fundamental improvement and inevitable transformation. I’m excited to lend my advice wherever I can.

We can’t thank John enough for his support and look forward to continuing our journey with his guidance.