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Go Back December 8, 2016

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At Notarize, we’ve come to appreciate that a notarization can often hold up some of life’s most important transactions. As people are trying to buy a home, transfer assets, or open an account, that process often grinds to a halt as someone searches to find a notary and then makes sure it ends up in the hands of the person who needs it. By solving the notary challenge, we’re unblocking these important transactions so people can get back to the task at hand.

The commercial construction industry relies upon notarization in ways that we bet you’ve never heard…

In most commercial construction projects, a contractor or trade partner is required to execute a lien waiver every time they’re paid. These lien waivers effectively reduce the contractor’s lien against the property for the amount they’re paid. And, they frequently require notarization. In short, contractors don’t get paid until the documents get notarized.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re working with to solve this problem.

To quote, “Every time a contractor gets paid in under forty-five days, an angel gets his wings. Today, continues its quest to help contractors get paid faster.”

Geoff Arnold at says, “Waivers sent out for electronic signature through are returned on average in 2.8 days, compared to 12 days for paper signatures. Builders who are adopting electronic processes on the platform are realizing the benefits of reduced paperwork and streamlined pay cycles. Now, with the addition of electronic notarizations, we are able to extend those efficiencies to contractors operating in situations where notarization is required.”

By working with, we’re proud to help contractors get paid faster and more easily.

– Adam