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Go Back March 26, 2016

Send your Notarized document by mail

Getting a document notarized is doubly frustrating. First, you have to track down a notary. Then, you have to submit your document to the institution, which often requires visiting the post office to send it by mail.

With our launch last month, we’ve fundamentally improved upon the first challenge: you can now connect with one of our notaries 24 x 7. No matter where you are, you can have a document notarized online within just a few minutes.

With the launch of version 2.1 yesterday, we’ve also fundamentally improved your ability to submit a document once notarized. In addition to printing your document at home, saving it to Dropbox, or sending it by email, you can now send a physical copy by mail from directly within the Notarize application.

Once your document is Notarized, simply open it within the app, click the sharing menu, and select Send via Lob. You can then enter the recipient’s address details and your document will be printed and shipped. Notarize uses Lob to print and ship your document. Lob uses a secure printing process to confidentially send your document to its recipient within 3-5 days.

With the addition of integrated shipping, Notarize is making it ever easier to get your document notarized and submitted to its intended recipient.