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Go Back April 14, 2017

Serving Americans around the world

These pins represent the locations of the last 5,000 customers our notaries have served. While we can all relate to our customers’ stories here at home, it’s extraordinary to think of the time and frustration we’re saving people traveling and living abroad. For example, an American in Nigeria connected with Notarize – she would have otherwise needed to travel 10 hours by car to the US Embassy. This story repeats itself constantly.

We also take great pride in how much our notaries enjoy connecting with Americans from around the world to help with one of their life’s most important transactions. And we work tirelessly to run a service that provides these people the convenience they need, but also the security and safeguards required to ensure their notarizations are delivered correctly in the United States and easily verifiable by anyone as required.

The internet is making the world smaller and we’re proud to do our part to help people accomplish what they need, no matter where they’re located. If you can get online, you can connect with a notary public on Notarize 24×7.

– Pat

* Note, Notarize only serves Americans with a valid US Social Security Number that can pass an identify verification process. The map above shows those people connecting with Notarize from around the world.