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Collect notarized documents from your customers online. Streamline your operations and eliminate the hassle of notarized documents.

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From Weeks to Minutes.

Your customers hate getting documents notarized and you hate managing the process — chances are you have to wait weeks to get them returned, if they ever come back at all. With Notarize, your customers can get it done online in minutes from anywhere, and you'll be provided a copy of the transaction upon completion.

A place for all your notarizations.

  • Track Customer Progress

    Access a dashboard of all notary transactions and know where your customers are in the process.

  • Transaction Details

    After notarization, automatically receive a copy for your records, including a video recording of the transaction and other details.

  • Notify by Email

    Notify your customers by email and send a custom message with any instructions or information.

  • Track Customer Progress
  • Transaction Details
  • Notify by Email

Give your customers access from anywhere in the world.

With Notarize for business, your customers can annotate, sign and notarize your documents from anywhere using their iPhone or computer in minutes.

Learn more about online notarization.

A custom experience from start to finish.

  • Prep & Manage your Documents

    Upload the files you've prepped, then control whether your customers can annotate or simply sign.

  • Communicate with your Customers

    When sending a document to be notarized, include a custom message to be sure they understand the process.

  • Decide Who Pays

    Pay for the notarization or pass the cost on to your customer.

  • Prep & manage documents
  • Communicate with customers
  • Decide who pays
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Subscription Pricing

Does your business get a lot of documents notarized? Get in touch about discounted rates for high volume accounts.

Notarize agent

Specialized Notaries

Train Notarize agents to understand your documents and to answer your customers' questions.

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  • “Notarize brings the notarization process kicking and screaming into this century. Their smooth online interface and seamless service make the notarization process incredibly easy.”

    Doug Breaker
    CEO, Earth Class Mail

    Learn how Earth Class Mail utilizes our platform to onboard customers.

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  • “Notarize offers a convenient and secure service for IdenTrust customers with a business affiliation to have their identity vetted so that a TrustID digital certificate can be issued. When using Notarize, customers can securely complete their identity verification requirements from the comfort of their office or home. Getting a TrustID digital certificate has never been easier.”

    Vish Patel
    VP, IdenTrust Global Business Segment

    Learn how IdenTrust utilizes our platform to onboard customers.

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  • “We’re proud to partner with a company like Notarize, who is leading the way in making our daily processes easier. For SupportPay, this partnership is perfectly aligned with our goal to make family’s lives easier and eliminate the stress and confusion related to basic transactions. By moving forward with Notarize, we’re helping to build a strong ecosystem where parents everywhere can share in responsibilities even when living separate lives.”

    Charles Shapard
    CMO, SupportPay

    Learn how SupportPay utilizes our platform to help families execute life’s most important transactions.

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Save your customers the hassle.

Take control of your operations with Notarize for Business today!

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