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Do banks notarize documents?

It is commonly believed that banks notarize documents, but we urge you to check with your specific bank before traveling to your local branch in hopes of meeting a notary… you may be very disappointed.

Banks have been consistently looking for ways to cut costs and drive efficiencies in their branches. Notary service was once seen as a value added offering to their current and potential customers, but it’s increasingly seen as an expensive and unnecessary product. Banks would rather their employees focus on their core jobs: opening accounts, selling their products, assisting banking customers, etc. As a result, many fewer branches offer notary public services and some banks are limiting the service to just their current customers or, even more restrictively, to only their own bank related documents.

If you need a notary, we’re online 24×7 and only a click away. You can simply Download the Notarize App or Register Online to get started.

Don’t believe us? Then you can take your chances at the local bank like these folks: