Multi-Document Packages

Your customers and partners can sign and return an entire package of documents in a single, secure notarization session. Upload multiple documents, rename and order them, and specify which require notarization and which require only signatures.

Two-Signer Sessions

Invite two people to sign and notarize documents together, in a single session. Notarize authenticates both signers’ identities. During a meeting, the notary can manage which signer can apply their signatures, initials, and other annotations to each document.

Transaction Deadlines

Sometimes you need documents notarized by a certain time. Deadlines allow you to specify the date and time after which a transaction is no longer valid, and documents are no longer accessible to signers.

Guided Signing

Guarantee complete and error-free notarizations with guided signing. Trained notary agents control meeting flow and signer interactions. The signer sees the notary scroll, add details, add a witness, and navigate between documents. Notaries can add pointers that direct the signer or witness to take action on a specific area of the document.

Dedicated Notary Agents

Professional notary agents, dedicated to your business, and trained to your organization’s needs. Quality-controlled delivery environment.

Enterprise-Grade Security

End-to-end secure, encrypted transactions. PKI-based document signatures and notary-applied tamper seals. Third-party audited security and compliance processes.

VIP Service

Dedicated, high quality support for your business and your signers. Customer success program to guide your implementation and maximize the value of your Notarize integration.

Enterprise API

Seamlessly integrate Notarize with your existing apps and services. Automate business-critical, notarization-dependent workflows. Receive transaction updates in real time.

Agent SLA

Guaranteed notary agent availability, based on your business needs. Get documents notarized wherever your signers are, anytime.

Flexible Pricing

Partner with our team to define a pricing structure that works for your volume, predictability, and service requirements.

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