• Online Closings 24x7
  • iPhone, iPad & Web
  • Manage Lender Transactions
  • Create Your Own Closings
  • Walk Borrowers Through the Docs
  • Give the OK to Close

Your clients close online. Zero paper. Zero Travel.

Your clients can sign and notarize the entire closing package online. They simply click, validate their identity, and connect over a live video call with a notary who will help them sign the closing package and legally notarize their documents. Online 24x7 from any computer, iPhone or iPad.

Walk your clients through the closing package online.

Send your clients the closing package online. Your clients can click to review the documents on the Notarize Platform while you connect to explain the closing package and answer their questions. Once ready, they can connect with one of our notaries to sign their documents.

Give the OK to Close.

Certify the closing package has all necessary documents and everything is ready to execute. If you're walking your borrower through the documents, confirm you’ve done so and your client is ready to sign. Unlock the transaction to give your client the ability to connect with a notary to sign at their convenience.

Discover Where Online Closings are Supported.

Quickly check Notarize to verify the transaction is eligible for an online closing. Discover which underwriters will insure the closing.

Work with Lenders Online.

Join the Notarize Title Network so lenders can find you when they're serving a borrower in your area. Accept orders from your lender partners and use one dashboard to track closings across your organization. Review the lender's documents and upload your own to complete the closing package.

Or, Create Your Own Online Closings.

Managing an all cash transaction? Struggling to arrange for a seller to complete their closing while abroad? Create your own online closing transactions to eliminate the hassle.

Better Closings with Fewer Errors.

Error validation prevents incomplete or inaccurate signings - no more missing signatures! Our dedicated notaries know how to follow the closing instructions and properly execute the closing package. The closing video and metadata are recorded and instantly available for your review - improve compliance and your borrowers’ experience.

Save Money & Provide Better Service.

The average closing costs nearly $100 in printing and shipping costs - no more! Instantly get documents back from the closing to reduce turn times for your lenders, buyers and sellers. If there’s an error in the contents of any document, instantly create a new transaction so your borrower can correct the issue immediately. Help people get into their homes faster.

Integrate with Your Existing Tools.

Integrate with the Notarize API to manage online closings from your existing tools. Use ResWare? Notarize is already partnered to provide a seamless workflow. All of the benefits of online closings without disrupting your daily operations or switching tools.

How it works.


We help you get online.

Get set up with the first platform to enable a completely online, digital closing process.

Identify Lender Partners

Join the Notarize Title Network to serve lenders requesting an online closing in your area.

Connect with Supporting Underwriters

Notarize knows which underwriters will support an online closing in your area, if possible.

Comprehensive Training & Onboarding

Connect with the Notarize team to learn how to serve lenders online & create your own closing transactions.

Dedicated Notary Signing Agents

Professional notary agents, dedicated to your business, and trained to your closing instructions. Quality-controlled delivery environment.

Enterprise-Grade Security

End-to-end secure, encrypted transactions. PKI-based document signatures and notary-applied tamper seals. Third-party audited security and compliance processes.

VIP Service

Dedicated, high quality support for your business and your borrowers. Customer success program to guide your implementation and maximize the value of your Notarize integration.


Seamlessly integrate Notarize with your existing apps and services. Automate your closing operations. Receive updates in real time as your borrowers advance through their closings.

Agent SLA

Guaranteed availability of qualified and insured notary signing agents. Allow your buyers and sellers to close whenever they want.

Subscription Pricing

Partner with our team to define a pricing structure that works for your volume, predictability, and service requirements.

At Commonwealth USA we've been focused on better serving borrowers and lenders with technology. We know firsthand that the closing can often be the greatest source of frustration and delay in the mortgage process. Online closings is an important tool for title agents and lenders that will bring the industry into the modern era, providing the efficiency and convenience our clients expect. We've dedicated ourselves at Commonwealth to operating at the highest security standards and believe that online closings with Notarize bring much needed transparency, auditability and a clear chain of custody to the entire closing process. We’re proud to be on the leading edge of this new era with Notarize and are ready to serve lenders, buyers and sellers online.

Joe Murin
Chairman of Commonwealth USA Settlements, LLC
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I’ve been in the title industry since I was a kid. While our industry has advanced in many ways over the years, what hasn’t changed is the way we ultimately close with the buyer and seller. Compared to so many other consumer experiences that have advanced through use of technology, ​our industry is stuck in the “Stone Age”. At Community Closing Network, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with Notarize for the past two years to help address the increasing consumer demand for the ultimate experience - fully online closings. We’re excited to finally be able to join the Notarize platform to offer our customers the ability to close online at their convenience. This is an important step forward for the industry - it’s about time our industry advanced to this level of service.

Michael C. Ridgway
“ copy

At Westcor, we’re focused on giving agents the tools they need to compete and win in today’s market. Notarize will enable our title agent partners to meet borrowers online for the first time, when and where they want. It not only offers a better user experience, it significantly reduces agents’ operational costs. We are live with Notarize and are eager to support any lender or title agent looking to offer their borrowers an online closing or signing in these markets.

Mary O’Donnell
President & CEO, Westcor Land Title Insurance Company
“ copy

Tech savvy consumers are used to a world where online transactions are commonplace. When buying a home, it’s only natural they will expect the same online convenience, security and speed for their mortgage closing process. Stewart has a long history of innovation focused on improving the customer experience and Notarize offers a key element. We’re proud to be associated with Notarize.

Marvin Stone
Senior Vice President of Business Integration
“ copy

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