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Introducing the Notarize Partner API

We’re thrilled to announce Notarize for Developers — an API to automate the collection of notarized documents. Our first request for an API appeared on ProductHunt within an hour of announcing our…

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Notarize +

At Notarize, we’ve come to appreciate that a notarization can often hold up some of life’s most important transactions. As people are trying to buy a home, transfer assets, or open an account, tha…

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500 Businesses and Counting

In the four months since we launched Notarize for Business, we’ve had over 500 organizations register for our service. Virtually every one of these registrations has come from word of mouth, and we…

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Introducing Notarize for Teams

When we launched Notarize for Business a few weeks ago, we couldn’t anticipate the response from companies of all kinds. We’re now proud to count over a hundred new customers from a wide variety o…

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Better Scans, Better Notary Meetings

We’re always getting great feedback from our customers and notaries, and we work hard to improve our products continuously. Today I’m happy to share a couple of updates that make Notarize for iPho…

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Announcing Notarize for Business

Notarize for Business
Since we launched Notarize in February, we’ve been inundated with requests from businesses like lenders, title companies, law firms, private wealth firms, virtual mail providers, fertility clinics, …

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Putting Trust back into Notarization

Today, we’re thrilled to announce a new agreement with the National Notary Association (NNA), one of the leading authorities on America’s notary industry, and Bryce Hall, the preeminent notary tr…

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What about the 28%?

We’re in the heart of the political campaign season and we hear a lot of talk about the 1%. At Notarize we decided there wasn’t enough talk about the invisible 28%. What is the 28%? According to a…

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Why we notarize documents

Many of life’s most important transactions must be notarized. Collectively, we notarize more than 1.25 billion documents per year. While that’s an enormous number of notarizations, some p…

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Agent Spotlight: Janet Bradsher

Janet Bradsher is a Notarize agent who has worked in the accounting and operations fields for over 25 years. After being laid off from her corporate job in 2012, Janet saw an opportunity to supplement…

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Agent Spotlight: Takisha Smith

Takisha Smith is a Notarize agent who works as an operations manager for a wealth management firm during the day. On nights and weekends she runs a virtual assistant, mobile notary and social media ma…

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Send your Notarized document by mail

Getting a document notarized is doubly frustrating. First, you have to track down a notary. Then, you have to submit your document to the institution, which often requires visiting the post office to …

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